Thursday, August 21

360 Forged

Seems like new wheel companies are born every weekend. It also seems easier to make your own wheels than ever before. Most people just rent time on another companies CNC machine to cut their own and before you know it, you have your own line of wheels on every forum on the net.

360 Forged is a new company. Been around for 2 years and lately, their new line-up is being pushed harder than ever before. Like HRE, 360 uses the same barrels and lips, hence the similar pricing. A set of 20" inchers in 3-piece will hit somewhere in the upper $6k. But there are promo deals everywhere on the Net. The lowest I have seen is $5k for 3-piece and just under $4k for their Sportline series.

Check them out: 360 Forged

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