Saturday, September 20


INGS Japan is now offering their line of Big Brakes for many applications. It seems like more and more VIP companies are pushing towards a complete car build under one brand. Junction Produce, Fabulous, WALD were many of the first companies to do so back in the early days. Today we see companies like JOB Design, Admiration and LX SPORT starting to take over the same traditions.

LX SPORT is the luxury line-up under INGS Japan. They have a very strong line of lip-kits for VIP platforms. Their latest product is their Big Brake Kit. Often times you just do not know who actually makes the BBK for these companies. Are they cheap Taiwan products? Not this time.

INGS were smart and cut a deal with the best of best ENDLESS to create their new BBK. What you see here are 8 piston 380mm rotors and 6 piston 355mm rotors for the LS460 Lexus. Endless BBK's are not cheap to begin with. But you are getting what you pay for. For calipers with LX Sport stamped on it, prepare to pay a bit extra. Actually a lot more. This front and rear setup retails for $13,000 MSRP. But if you are rolling with a $80k car, that's a drop-in-a-bucket for you anyways.
Check out LX SPORT

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