Tuesday, September 30

Legendary Nissan GTR

Solo impression continues:

The GTR hangs turns like nothing I have ever felt. Going into a turn hot at 65 mph without braking is not a pleasant thought. But the GTR hangs the turn with ease, no braking and excelerates out hitting 80 mph.

The turbos are very responsive. There are literally no lag with this car. What is surprising about the GTR is the power to weight/size ratio. Looking at the numbers the GTR is nothing close to a lightweight. But driving the car was like sitting in a goKart with percise steering prediction and instant response from the engine. Truly an amazing suspension setup. All this was capable by rear mounting the tranny directly to the rear dif. Nissan was able to achieve a 53/47 weight distribution when stopped, but under load, it balances to a perfect 50/50 . 

*Side Note: I'm still slowly gathering my thoughts from yesterdays experience.

More to come.

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