Friday, September 26

Vossen Wheels

 A good friend currently is the lead photographer for Vossen Wheels in Miami, FL. Actually, he use to work for HCI Magazine and 2 yrs ago, he came to Cali to shoot my Lexus. He is truly talented behind the lens, just look at these examples.

Vossen Wheels is a fairly new company, but for the pass year they have been pushing hard in the Industry. When they first launched, their wheels were 2-piece welds. Today, a full line-up of 3-piece wheels are ready to launch at this years SEMA in alittle over a month. 

Keep an eye our for Vossen, I see a great future in coming years for the company.

"About Us" take from Vossen website:

Vossen Wheels boasts over 30 years of wheel industry experience. Our mission is to design and manufacture the highest quality one-piece staggered wheels in the market. Our wheels are designed for a wide range of luxury cars. Many of our wheels are specifically made to match manufacturer-specific fitments. All Vossen Wheels feature a stainless steel lip up to 4 inches deep that project the popular multi-piece look and are tire pressure sensor compatible. Staggered sizes ranging from 19" to 22" and width up to 11 inches and are backed with a two year manufacturer warranty.

Vossen Wheels are a perfect addition for customers looking to customize their luxury vehicles without compromising drivability. Our specific fitments ensure a safe and hassle free luxury car experience.

Vossen Wheels
2000 NW 96 Ave
Miami, FL 33172
Vossen Wheels

TF: 888-463-7778
T: 305-463-7778
F: 305-463-7779

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