Monday, September 22

VIP Autosalon

VIP AutoSalon has been around for less than 2 years. Last year the company landed a corporate deal with Lexus to build a SEMA project LS460. Little did the blue collars knew that VIP AS would take the build to an entire new level.

VIP AS is the sole US distributer of Amistad wheels and Admiration Aero kits. 

Check it out here: Amistad Japan | Admiration Japan

Be the first to rock the next most exclusive VIP wheel and aero kit from Japan. I know of 1 UCF30 with the aero kit in the entire nation. Infact he was featured here on "GoWithSolo.." not too long ago. Give VIP AutoSalon a call and tell them you heard the good news from "solo".

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