Friday, October 23

The Perfect Wheel Fitment explained

This is a perfect example on how to truly test wheel width, offset, camber and stance. So many people ask for the miracle numbers for that perfect stance, flushness, whatever. But what you need to know is all of the above works in conjunction with one another.

My steps to achieving the perfect stance, offset, camber, wheel, tire combo:

- Buy double adjustable coilovers, it has height adjustment separate to preload.

- Determine your wheel diameter. Keep in mind the bigger the wheel, the less you are able to lower the car which also means the less camber achieved. The smaller the wheel, the lower the stance which means the more natural camber that leads to tucking and wider wheels or lower offsets.

- Pick a wheel width based on wheel diameter. If your not hardcore VIP running 20s and up then a 19x10.5 is more than enough. Plus, going 19s will keep your tire cost lower than a Dub and above.

- Here is where the picture above comes in handy. Put a borrowed wheel in those sizes on the car without any tires and jack up the bottom of the rim until the outer wheel lip reaches the fender lip. At that point, you can clearly see a starting point. This is when you determine offset, go out more, go in more.. up to you.

- If more camber is needed, you may have to purchase lower control arms to have more adjustments over stock.

- Tires are tricky b/c the same size tire in another brand can yield different results. I would recommend TOYO, FALKEN, DUNLOP for the safe stretch. Usually Michelin, BF Goodrich, and NITTO have thicker sidewalls.

- Once you have determine the correct offset, wheel size and width, you are now ready to place that order. 4 months later, your newly JDM wheels have arrived and you are dying to slap on the tires. During the 4 month wait, do enough research on different tire sizes and stretches so you are ready to go.

- Remember to shave off the inner fender lip. By doing so, you are avoiding any serious rubbing and getting that perfect flush look.

- Often times, other obstacles comes to play, for example on my IS300 the rear tire would rub on the rear bumper bolt. That is the case with many modern cars today since the bumper hangs way higher up to the rear quarter panel. That is one thing to look out for.

Just remember, coilover stance, wheel diameter and width, plus offset, camber, and tire size all play a huge factor on achieving total Flushness or that Perfect Wheel fitment.


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