Monday, October 26

Friday Night Milpitas Meet 10-23

After all these years, Milpitas Friday night meets are still jumping. I stayed until 1am which is very unlike me.. anyways, all the usual suspects. Thanks to John and Tom for making the drive from Sac and Elk Grove.

Bryant's better half runs this daily driver IS300 with gold Meister wheels and a true BN Sport bumper. Here front windshield temp-blinds were hella funky.

ChubbyGS made the drive from Fairfield with his slammed to the ground WORK sponsored GS430. No kit, just drop with wheels.. clean and simple.

Bryant rocks a Toyota Cressida when he really wants attention. Check out his touge mountain machine!

Ruthless from San Jose was hidding in one corner. Owner of this DC2 was bummed I didnt shoot the better fender.. to bad. It's all about battle scars.

Matte White painted RSX rolled in with hella attitude, but turns out to be a chill dude and a x-Hybrid member. We chopped-it-up about matte paint and the Norcal Hybrid family.

Joseph owner of a very nice Tom's supercharged IS350. Not the most flattering picture of Joseph..

Owner of this JDM Nissan GT-R R33 V-specII came out to show everybody what $60k could get you. Chad is such a cool cat.. if he had overalls and a pitchfork, you would think he was a farmer in Iowa.

John's gen2 GS already slammed on KYBs and UAS bags. You need wheels homie!

Tom and his women crashed the party in their Yakima installed gen2 GS and Amistad OG wheels. We discussed steplip and how to get wider lips and barrels.

My favoriate car of the night was this Cressida with old school Centerline wheels and mad support for Fatlace. One trick mod was real JDM train handle bars. Crazy!

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