Tuesday, October 27

No limit Creativity

I'm a fan of every car. To me every platform has room to improve. When the BMW E36 was released in the mid to late 90's, it was quickly the typical mod-car with plenty of power tweaks, lips kits and your basic polish reverse lip wheels.

I've been following this builder for sometime now and this rendition continues to change and evolve. Start with the perfect tucked and gap less stance and add a set of BBS RS in 18s and you have your typical Euro car. But this owner didn't stop there. Here you see the BBS wheels in two different finishes. He ran the wheels standard silver and polish lip initially. There is even a shot on the net without caps. Then he painted the centers lime green and left the lips polished. Looks good in my book. Then he decided to flip it completely. Check out the BBS RS with white centers and lime green lips. This setup is pure SEX.

Don't learn the car, let the car learn you. Express your creative thinking without limits. What's the worst that can happen? You try again.

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SeanDub said...

Hey bro, thanks for the blog post. Just thought I'd let you know, the polished lip wheels are 17" BBS RC090, aka Style 5's. The green lipped wheels are 17" BBS RS.

Legit 18" RS are a pretty rare wheel to see.

Keep doin what you do, See you at HF3 if you're there.