Wednesday, October 14

Omega Werks: Just another Day

After work today, I rolled by Omega Werks in Pleasanton to chop-it-up with the owner Vincent. To my surprise he was finishing tint on 1 of 2 local vinyl-wrapped matte-black Nissan GT-Rs. So I got my camera out and went to town:

Even the wheels were powder-coated in a textured matte dark gray to match the vinyl:

This owner is a GT-R fanatic.. this is his third GT-R and he as a 2010 on order aswell. He was super lucky to get the white leather seat combo:

So this entire car was wrapped in a true Flat Matte Vinyl by a fellow from SoCal. It's a very flat color with little to no reflective in the shine. The owner was super cool as we chatted about vinyl and the import scene. Nice guy and one very incredible machine, as expected.

Here he is testing out a matte clear vinyl on the headlights:

So just when things couldnt get any better, into the driveway came a tow truck with a brand spanking new 2009 Lexus LS460 behind.

Simon, was super cool. He even remembered to use paper spacers between the rear tailights that stick onto the truck lid:

Here is the LS fully unloaded and ready for some clear plastic protective film. Better yet, let's wrap this matte white!!

Who's LS460 does this belong to?.. I hear talk about a complete Aero and wheel package plans already. My guess, SSR wheels, Tanabe Sus tec, and a rare INGs kit. Only time will tell. :D

Just another day @ Omega Werks

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