Thursday, October 22

Panamera @ Blackhawk Museum

Last night a local dealership had a private showing of the Porsche Panamera at the Blackhawk Museum. Only a select few were able to attend this invite-only event and I was trilled to be one of them. When news floaded the internet with a 4-door Porsche, many flammed and cursed the sedan. I too was not exactly thrilled about the idea, but seeing the car up close and personal sure changed much of my doubts.

Initial reaction was, it looked very much like the SUV Canyenne but stretched longer and slammed to the ground. Surely the rear hatchback will have to grow on me, but overall this car is nothing less than what to expect from the German Porsche brains. They had 3 models inside the museum. The standard, the S and the Turbo version. The Turbo version had the $8k extra carbon ceramic brakes and the auto height adjustment features. A wing on the rear hatch also extends for some downforce. The wheels are massive 20" inch rollers and with a twin turbo V8, you can expect 0-60 runs in less than 5 seconds and 500 pounds of torque. Surely amazing considering the mighty size of the sedan. What you may not know is, the Panamera weights 1,500 pounds less than the SUV Cayenne.

The interior is all Porsche luxury with an array of buttons in the middle console. Infact it was quite similar to the Mercedes S-class. The Panamera is truly a 4 seater. The rear seats can completely fold down allowing plywood runs to Home Depot. Seats are firm with plenty of fine luxury leather. The rear seats have plenty of headroom even for 3 full sized adults. The rear hatch has a push button for easy open and closing, similar to the Lexus RX350.

Porsche served drinks and had tiny bites throughout the night. Porsche reps were there to answer any questions about this first of its kind, sedan and one lady had a fake accent trying to be more authentic.

My overall impression, beautiful car. Plenty of power with all the motor choices, perfectly designed interior, all the goodies and extras expected from Porsches and their heritage. $122k for the non-turbo is quite pricey for a sedan. Surely this car has a very specific demographic inmind, but dont expect to see too many on the roads, especially the Turbo model at a whopping $185k each. My advice, wait a few years and a get one for second hand at half the $$$.

Enjoy the images:

Fancy Invites

Panamera S

Panamera S motor

Panamera Turbo


Interior: Front

Interior: Rear

The hated Rear hatch

Porsche Eyekandy

Drinks on the house

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