Monday, October 26

District 10 Breast Cancer Awareness

District 10 sure knows how to do good in the world. This year they locked down the parking lot of Pak n Save and held a Breast Cancer awareness with all the local shops and cars in Norcal. I decided to crash the party around 2pm. Ran into Tom (photographer for Fatlace) for the second time since the night before at Milpitas and kicked it with ChubbyGS and John of JSJ Brothers. All in all, a great turn out of the fine Norcal Import scene.

JDM Nissan Cefiro was causing quite a stir with it's RB20DET motor and pearl white paint. The owner is a true purest with his other JDM RHD Silvia S13 parked a few spots down.

Johnson and his Sharpie-Lexus IS350 took top honors with a Best of Show award.

ChubbyGS also owns a timeless S14 Silvia. He was awarded the Best Import trophy.

@Po Crew came for a few with this stunning white EVO. Check out the details!

Pink tapped lips and an all metal hood.. glad some are trying new things.

White carbon fiber wrap on a MK5 Golf.. very nice.

Timeless DC2 Tegger.

Fresh CRX dipped in olive green w/ Yakima and decals.

Super clean supercharged K20 RSX.

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