Tuesday, February 17

Perfect Fitment S15 on WORK Meister

Not many ppl can have the opportunity to build cars, need to say, build excellent trend setting examples of rare Japan only cars. Well, this very clean example of a S15 Nissan RHD is from Virginia and built by a girl.. oh yes, a girl.

Jennifer Jar has one of the sickest S15 Siliva's on the planet. Just check out her extreme wheel fitment: 18x9 and 18x10 all on +4mm offset.. crazy!

She even has a very rare and expensive Roberuta Cup air system mated to Fortune 500 coilovers. Be jealous, be very jealous.. b/c this build only took 6 months and apparently this car started out looking like a real POS.

Congrats on making Import Tuner this month and good luck to you Jennifer!


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