Friday, February 20

VIP AutoSalon Clark's GS430

VIP AutoSalon is a very good friend of mine. Clark has established himself in the industry as one of the finest tuning visionary around. 2 years ago the Lexus corporate opportunity fell on his lay to create a SEMA worthy LS460. That car, as we all know it shatter everyone's expectations and has put VIP AutoSalon above all else.

So what does the man behind the projects drive on a daily basis? This is the latest version of the Lexus GS430. Full Admiration kit that includes the fog lights and exhaust system. Even the wheels were package together for this build. Loren at Rotora provided the prototype BBK just in time for SEMA 2 years ago. Since then, the car went through a drastic change of color. Check out this hot new black suede color. Truly the first to dip a Lexus in this color. (5 Axis ISF was a flat black)

The taillights were even shot in a matte clear to play off the rest of the car. If you look closely on the hood you will notice the paint fades to reveal the carbon hood. The front grill is just perfect with the eyelids perfectly flowing into the body lines.

Once again, Clark and his company has continue to set the bar very high. Those that have following his career know many more projects will continues to unveil from VIP AutoSalon.

VIP AutoSalon

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