Wednesday, February 18

New Junction Produce Scara

Junction Produce Japan announced their new 2nd gen Scara wheel at this years TAS (Tokyo Auto Salon). The wheels are now manufactured by WORK Japan and comes in new sizes. Ranging from 19" to 21" inches of step or reverse lip. This new Scar has a redesigned center cap that looks quite sexy and etched in "Scara" word on one spoke. Those from the old-school may remember the previous OZ Scara's to have the same etching.

Since WORK is now the manufacturer, the wheel is many times stronger than before. Custom finishes are also now possible with endless combination.

*Do realize the step-lip offered from WORK is not like the old style. The outer lip does not extrude outward, instead it rolls back into the wheel.

I personally appreciate the old school lip better but it is what it is.

Rim width and offsets choices are plentiful with up to 12" inch width and negative offset. But retail for one 20" inch standard finish will cost you over $1,760 US. That's tough to swallow. Only a select few will get their hands on these.

Junction Produce is once again trying to establish themselves as the elite and the original of VIP tuning. Let's see if the Bippu community agrees.

Junction Produce

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