Tuesday, February 17

Roberuta Cups

Roberuta Cups are sought after in the luxury to exotic car industry. What are they and what do they do?

Roberuta manufactures cup/canover air system for coilover suspension systems. Basically it sits on top of the coilover and allows for 3-4" inches of shaft movement, which is powered by air, thus raising the car for ground clearance.

**What ppl do not fully understand is, Cup systems are for those that want to drive low on coilovers but have the adjust ability of raising the car to clear speed bumps or driveways. This system is NOT to be driven on while air-up. This is not rubber bags that have flex, give and play. If you do drive on can/over systems, they will leak and eventually break.

The design is quite simple but since there are really no real competition, Roberuta charges a ridiculous $3,000 grand for just the 2 cup system and an additional $2000 for the rears.

There is a company called AirForce that recently announced their Cup/Coilover system. The only problem is their Cups will only work with their coilovers meaning customers are forced to run their coilover setup without really knowing what and who manufactures them. Plus for those owners already on coilvers like HKS, ZEAL, Ohlins, they are pretty much left to start from scratch.

I would like to see a more cost effective attempt of this concept meant for everyday drivers. Sure the exotic car owners can care less for dumping $6k into this since their oil change will probably cost more, but what about the EVO or Honda owner.. do they not have the right to drive low and save their rare JDM kits from the brutal world of potholes and rough roads..


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