Monday, December 22

The Truth about Wheel quality

***The below impression was taken from a car forums written by a member***
Enjoy one man's personal-perspective on 10 different wheel manufacturers:

1) Work (I am very impressed with their stuff)

Good quality wheel products but not the best. WORK uses FORGED centers on the REZAX II's, but CAST centers on th VS-XX's. The outer barrels (rim shells) for both are made from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy but they are 'spun' or 'rolled' NOT FORGED. (not really close to the same strength as a BBS forged wheel for example)

2) BBS (good stuff right?)

OH yea...the BEST stuff

3) Champion

Like BBS forged wheels, Champion only builds 8000 TON 6061-T6 wheels. (nothing but the best will do)

4) Techart

One piece gravity CAST wheel construction. (not very strong at all)

5) Neez

Again...8000 TON FORGED 6061-T6 wheels (nothing better)

6) HRE

Really, really, really, really, really good marketing...

7) DPE

Pretty good marketing...

8) Volk Racing

Excellent quality 6061 FORGED MONOBLOCK wheels. (not 8000 TON forged but still very good)

9) Axis wheels

Budget priced gravity CAST wheels that are of decent quality. (no too strong though)

10) Enkei

Very good quality wheel that uses FLOW-FORMED CASTING technology.(stronger than gravity cast wheel, but not as strong as forged wheel)

Note: BBS uses the same manufacturing process, but calls it "Spun Casting"

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