Wednesday, February 18

Roberuta Cups More..

Here you can see the Cup system mounted on top of the Coilover. Looks like the upper mount has to be take apart and the top of the spring sits flush to the Cup. Air fills the Cup chamber hence pushes down on the spring and raises the car. Actually, what this is doing is applying more spring rate, it is not literally raising the coilover up and down. Notice the shock never moves.

That's why this system is meant for driving low and raising a few inches for ground clearance.

This image was taken from a personal blog in Japan. Caution; he mentioned the stitch box breaking twice and leaks in the fittings. Looking closer at what Roberuta offers in their kits, their fittings are plastic and stainless steel. Clearly not strong enough.

My suggestion would be to upgrade and replace all the lines and fittings to brass. Plastic will not hold under extreme PSI. In time, it will crack and leak.

Overall, the theory is solid. For those that want to retain spring/shock combo to drive low without going to full air bag system, the Roberuta Cup kit is what you need.

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