Wednesday, September 30

Troy and Solo Discuss Vinyl wrapping

Troy Sumitomo is a huge icon in the world of special vehicle projects for Honda, Scion, Toyota and Lexus. Troy launched the Five Axis brand with body kits and wheels offered direct through dealerships with warranty.

Recently, Troy stepped up to help with my Project43 Celsior with a set of Five:AD wheels. Throughout the pass months, we have bounced ideas back and forth and at this pass weekends Lexus Event, we were able to finally meet up and chop-it-up a bit.

To Troys surprise, both the matte white cars were vinyl wrapped. In an earlier email with Troy, he was very much against matte paint b/c of the daily wear and tear. In fact he even showed me their SEMA IS-F with brake fluid streaks on the hood from a leak during the transport. Basically, matte colors will not withstand the daily abuse. Then I told him the cars were Vinyl wrapped. He nearly did a double take. I love surprising ppl with what we do.

It was great chatting with, Troy. I'll see you at SEMA in a month!

Photos by Photoshoot My Car

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