Friday, September 18

BBS craze continues

It would only be a matter of time before the Honda owners started to try new ideas and some saw this coming and some were still trying to fit 19x7.5 chromes. The BBS craze has hit the Honda scene this year with many ppl going back to the old school look. BBS RS wheres were already a collectors choice of wheels oversea, especially with the VW crowd, but it wasn't until recent that the Honda world would finally take a hold of just a phenomenon. Thanks to pioneer shops like Memoryfab that saw the potential of the movement here in the States, shop owner Dave snatched up numerous sets of BBS RS and RM from Japan and stores a healthy stock of here in the US.

The craze is not just BBS wheels, it is to find wheels with character. Steplip wheels has way more character than boring rolled lip reverse wheels. It is unfortunately a style that the media continues to feed and jaded by the DUB scene, etc. Reverse lip was a step forward for manufacturers, the ability to truly rock a larger center without the aid of steplips were a great breakthrough. But with larger wheels and rolled lips, the essence of the wheels were lost.

I have been preaching this for years now and finally there seems to be ppl listening and agreeing to this theory. Step lip creates a timeless look, personality and charisma. The list of step lip wheels are slim, but if you look hard enough, they are out there. BBS RS are true 3-piece wheels allowing owners to add wider lips to get that perfect fitment.

There are a few companies that offer steplips. I will talk about them in the weeks to come.
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