Wednesday, September 16

Diamond Racing: Steeles the next HAWT wheel

There seems to be a really large push in the States for Steplip wheels.. Finally, I have been preaching this for years now. The Euro cars first had it overseas, then the Japanese took that style and created their VIP style. Most Hondas still rock the traditional Grip look with Mugen or Spoon wheels and plenty of meat. But in recent months the push has been way lower offsets, staggered wheel setup on FWD and the hunt to find more Steplip wheels.

There are not many Steplip wheels available, BBS being the more popular with CCW on the gain. A few has tried something completely different, going back to Steelies. Check out these two great examples of ppl thinking outside the box. Sure a 15 inch Steele weights a staggering 20 pounds but these are street cars, so who cares what it weights. This in my book is hellafresh and both these cars get the Solo seal of approval.

So you may wonder who makes these wheels: Diamond Racing is the source.


Slappy said...

Bassett also makes some pretty rad steelies.

magi said...

Great explanation, thanks for the posting!
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