Friday, September 11

Drive Low or Go Home

Airbags are cool. In the Hotrod scene Airride Technologies have built an empire out of rubber suspension. In the recent year, there has been a new movement back to traditional steel coilovers and springs. When the VIP scene tried to take off here in the states, many jumped on bags right away to achieve that frame drop stance when parked and to save valuable JDM aero kits from unfriendly road hazards. But when air bagged cars have to drive, it literally goes up 20" inches in the air and looks higher than stock, DONK.

The push back to coilovers is in my opinion a good rebirth and reminder to all those that build cars. Cars are built to be driven on a road and not honored as a trophy. Why invest so much cheddar in the first place?.. Is it more important to drive low or park low?.. Everyone will have different opinions, but looking at the scene both Import and Domestic, it's on a change.

Drive Low,
Drive Hard,
Enjoy the Car,
Enjoy the Road.

..Not the parking spot.

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Anonymous said...

I like that "Drive Low. Drive Hard. Enjoy the Car. Enjoy the Road."