Friday, September 18

Incredible G35 Stance, too bad it's bagged

Found this last week of a killer G35 rocking a set of 20" inch steplip IForged wheels. The lips and barrel painted silver with the centers in a matte dark silver finish. Rocking AP Racing brakes on all four corners and the perfect offset and camber. The stance is perfect if he could actually drive at that height. Yes, he is on air bags, therefore this doesn't not get the Solo seal of approval. Everything else is just super clean. Even the subtle body work and the badgeless grill is on point.. drop the air, slap on some coilovers and pull the fenders 3 mm or shave off 3 mm off the rear hubs of each wheel. Done.

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Blain Angus said...

This car did drive at this height... not to mention he basically invented the socal fitment scene. Before you try and bust on OGs you should probably get your wheel game down because those aren't Iforged!