Wednesday, September 30

Guillermo's Shop Vehicle

The Pursuit, put on by Longo Lexus, Corporate Lexus and Club Lexus of Socal was this pass weekend. While most of the cars were expected from the big vendors of AutoFashion, VIP AutoSalon, and PG Motoring, I walked the parking lot looking for "grass-root" builds. Funny, one of the few cars I was actually excited about was this gen1 IS300 own by "Guillermo" on Club Lexus. First impression goes a long way and when I caught the car in the distance, I knew it was something unique and special. The plasters of stickers obviously caught my eye. This is a common trend in the Honda and VW culture. I've seen old school Bimmers use decals to hold cracked lips together. To me it is a free-form of artistic expression, almost a rebellious state. I found that to be bold and super-trick.

The bumper is actually JDM AirWalker for the IS300 Sportcross. You will notice the smaller opening for the fog lights. The black and white theme is carried throughout the entire car with black housing headlights, tinted taillights, white Buddy Club wheels rocking +23mm offsets and a Big Blue shift knob to break the contrast.

Funny, with all the high-dollar VIP builds, this car had me coming back for more. Perhaps, owning an Altezza long ago may have been influential or the fact that I have been looking more into the "grass-root' builds of Hondas and VWs lately.. I give Guillermo major style points for building a car without any rules.

Just have fun, build it for yourself.


AirWalker Japan front bumper (for the sportx)

Airwalker japan sides (for the sportx)

L-tune copy rear

Jdm front visors only

Black housing headlights

black grill

chrome door handels

zumies sticker packs for the bumper

jdm antenna

Tinted tailights


big blue shift knob

Do-Luck interior brace


Megan coilovers

front jic strut bar

tanabe rear strut bar

Tom's front underbrace

Tanabe rear underbrace

tom's Lower Performance Rod

Tom's Mid-Center Reinforcement Rod

Tom's Rear Lower Suspension Rod

stopping power

Drilled & Slotted Rotors

AXXIS Brake Pads

Steel Braided Brake Lines


Buddy Club P1 Racing Wheels


painted white

18x8 +38 added a 15mm spacer so that = +23 now


Anonymous said...

thanks for the feature

Duckster Fo Life said...

Lexus Junky

That is simple and clean thumbs up!

Thats what its all about having fun with your build.:aye;y it seems everyone is just stressing to do more than the other person and lost the sense of reality thats we do this for fun ato relieve stress as to making more stress.

Loving that lip first time ive seen a lip funny wrapped in stickers.

Seen this car at many event seen it change from time to time from high end parts and supercharger to the simple state were its at now.Clean and much props.

JakeSpec said...

Yo G The Lexo is looking good man, i really like your front lip!

Good Ish!

Anonymous said...

Big G, whatz up? I missed the Pursuit, sorry I couldn't make it. Major props to you, your Lex is looking very sweet. Seems like your changing it monthly bro. Repping the 805 and Oxnard. Thumbs up bro.


oldskoolef said...



Thats the SEX right there like when i apply my penis in the choco canal feels amazing.Same feeling when i see this car its amazing feeling i get on my penis cakes.Loving the white one day i feel like chcicken tonight.

Man pole Milker said...

After getting a text from Vagina Pumper i milked my way to the computer to hear what the buzz was about this white Lexus. I must say this is a really nice lexus not to much not to little what is really gets my lips to throb is that Lip with the stickers on it .For sure its going to set a new trend. Well off i go to milk man poles...