Thursday, August 7

The Day After 30

So, today is August 7th, 2008.. I have lived 30 years and 1 day.. Since yesterday I have notice several instances of memory lost; forgot to get money before going to DMV and the most common, where are my keys. They say age will only catch-up to you if you allow yourself to believe that. Basically, it's all in your head. So with that been said, I want to change topics and talk about this VIP Van.

Many of us are dedicated automotive freaks. Whether it is domestic, import, euro, 4x4, whatever.. so long as it has 4 wheels and horsepower, we men can actually give more than 10% of our attention span to a single topic.  That's why girlfriends and wives often frown when the topic of cars are brought up. They never fully get our total attention... Why is that?

So, like being hit by lighting, we jump from our slouched position on the couch into complete awareness, as if the sky was falling. This Toyota Previa or what is known in Japan as the Estima is one of those cars that makes me fall of my seat. I call the Previa a true Jelly Bean on wheels. But surprisingly this old school platform is still hotter than Paris Hilton's sex videos.

If American would start building VANS again like the 70's we could possibly see a Van movement here in the states. The possibilities are endless and again, your vision is only limited by the knowledge you feed your brain. That's why at 30, I may just start a VIP Van project just to continue to exercise the creativity of my mind so when I hit 60, I would be ready to do a LowRider.

Have a pleasant week. -solo

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