Monday, August 11

Golden Used Car Lots

Like in many other countries, Japan has plenty of used car lots. Some are full of economy cars with fantastic gas mileages others may be commercial vehicles that a may suite your business. Then there are the few lots that sell nothing but the most modified vehicles one would fine in Import Tuner or VIP CAR magazine.

There is a company called "Car Friends" located in Japan that has a lot full of excellent examples of VIP cars. What you will find would range from simple EXE styles, basically a 2" inch drop, wheels and a lip kit. But then you will notice several that have been under the knife from custom radius-fenders to complete widebody applications. This white UCF31 (Lexus LS430) was actually a very famous build 2 years ago. The Celsior was displayed at the WEDS booth debuting their lastest in wheel design. Funny how they end-up on a Used Car lot after such fame.

Besides VIP cars, you can find fine examples of VIP Vans and VIP Style cars throughout the lot. If you ever have the chance to visit Japan, look for those used car lots. You might stumble on a magazine cover car or a show winner from pass Tokyo Auto Salons.

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