Wednesday, August 13

Kartier Forged Wheels

Check out this Crysler 300C... in my opinion one of the few correctly modified 300C's out there.. less than a handful.

This beautiful car belongs to Jorge, owner of Kartier Forged wheels. Jorge has been in the wheel industry for over 10 years and finally decided to make a name for himself. What you see here is custom-cut wheels hand finished for any application.

His car is running 22x11 rear and 22x9.5 fronts. The finish is machined diamond cut and clear coated to give it that killer multi-color reflection. The lips and barrals are by APS. Jorge claims his rear barrels are 1mm thicker and does not trap water like other lower-end wheels. Trust me, Jorge has done his homework. Each face is precision cut to the buyers specs. What about the finish? Any finish is doable. If you can dream it, he can do it.

Currently the lips are dipped in chrome and he is working with a German company to offer a full step-lip option. I think that is the way to go. Step-lips create so much more character and reverse lips are way too common right now.

Don't bother asking him about offsets. That is his trade secret. Just look at that 6" inch lip in the rear. Trust me, he is in the low negatives in the rear.

For a set of 22" inch wheels, you are looking at $4,900 retail. But considering the quality and ultra fast turn around time, 3-4 weeks, I say sell your POS wheels on Craigslist and give Jorge a call at Kartier.

I will know more about these wheels as soon as I talk Jorge into giving me a set of wheels to test out. Jorge are you listening?

Congrats to Jorge on the launch and good luck to you with your business.

For more information:  Kartier Forged
Office number:                786.286.1484


Anonymous said...

I saw these on

ordered my set last week

Anonymous said...

nice, I'm thinking of getting a set too
these wheels are sweet..!!

Suellen said...

Hi my name is George I am the owner of Kartier forged its very nice Solo what you have put this blog about me but as far as telling other people to get rid of the wheels for mine I am not out to do that.. Sevas Forged is A very close Friend of mine and him and I are just out in the wheel game as two artist showing there point of view.Thanks again

prolix said...

Thank you my dear, keep an eye out for the rest of it :)
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