Tuesday, March 8

PPE Engineering & Project43

VIP cars are commonly known for their low and slow mentality. Traditions go back to Mercedes influences with their AMG themed cars. That's all gravy, but I still enjoy a good rumble. Perhaps it is the "hot rod" blood in me calling for straight pipes or a blower. Nonetheless, I have found a company that actually makes headers for the Toyota UZ series motor. PPE Engineering

For those that are stumbling upon the site for the first time, my project car is my daily car. Adding mods can be difficult at times, b/c my Celsior30 is my way to and from work. Adding an intake and exhaust was simple; it did not require the car to be out of commission. Headers on the other hand, is an entirely different ballgame.

PPE Engineering is a sponsor on Clublexus.com offering headers to members for many makes and models. Paul was the contact over at PPE and he was truly a professional to deal with. I had made a request to have the headers made and shipped within 1.5 weeks and Paul delivered right-on-time. The plan is to get the headers installed and dyno tested before headed out to WORD-UP on Saturday. (Install post to follow..)

Back to the actual product. I am quite impressed with the quality and design from PPE. The welds look strong and the CNC header plate is thick and flat. What kind of power can I expect?.. According to PPE, on a completely stock LS430 just with the headers installed they were able to extract a peak of 24whp on the dyno. Torque also jumped up significantly.

Check out the pics:

PPE Engineering

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