Tuesday, March 1

Lexus LFA Dancing @ Infinion Raceway 2/27/11

Lexus LFA Burnout from Ryan Trinidad on Vimeo.

Lexus Marketing invited a very select few to enjoy a day at Infineon Raceway to experience the Lexus LFA supercar with non other than their all time winning Gran-AM driver, Scott Pruett as our instructor and co-pilot of the day.

Here you see Scott sliding the incredibly "Smart" LFA around turn 11 by the red Toyota wall. What you don't see is the difficulty and technical ability of Scott to actually dance this incredible car. Why?.. the LFA has the most precise computers calculating all aspects of the vehicle at every mili-second. As soon as the car begins to slide, the ECU will actually allow a bit of a drift before transitioning every so smoothly back to a grip mode. Unlike standard traction that retards timing and instantly robs horsepower, the LFA glides so sweetly saving the driver from any misshapes. Incredible.

This footage was shot by our good friend, Ryan T. from Speed Element.

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