Tuesday, March 1

The Lexus LFA Experience Part 1

Saturday afternoon, I get a phone call from a very close friend from Socal. He asks if I am free to come meet him at the Fairmont Hotel in SF. For those that are not aware, I live 1 hr plus east from SF and not to mention 2 kids and a family. Nonetheless, I managed to pull strings with the wife and off I go to the city. What awaited there caught me by total surprise.

Crossing the Bay Bridge on a Saturday evening into the city, the traffic was surprising good.

A yellow Lexus LFA sat in the front of the hotel while a crowd stood and took pictures. My good friend is Ryan, who is our connection to Lexus Corporate. Ryan flew up to SF with one of the Marketing gurus at Lexus Corporate, Jim. Along with the group, I met Tom from Seattle co-founder of Open Interface North America Inc., Moto the president from Club4AG, Guy and Lang from VIP Auto Salon, Jeff from Drive Culture and a few of Jim's friends.

After the first class meal at the Fairmont Hotel, we decided to cruise the streets of SF and headed towards Embarcadero. The Lexus LFA made an impression on everyone that happened to be walking around that night. People pointed and took pictures, as the perfectly tuned exhaust note screams to a incredible 9,400 rpm redline.
The night was perfect with clear skies. The yellow LFA lead the 2 white LS430s and a white Prius throughout the city. Ryan was pleasantly revving the 4.8 liter V10 motor for all of SF to enjoy.

While shooting on Embarcadero street, a super nice security guard allowed us to drive the LFA onto the sidewalk for better photos. The guy later suggested an even more private location. He let us into a gated parking lot that stretched even closer to the Bay Bridge and onto the water.

While driving into this locked parking lot, a modded Mazda Protege tried to follow us in, but was quickly asked to turn around by our good friend, the night watchmen. Those kids gave thumbs-up and I'm sure they updated their Facebook right away.

I'm never a fan of yellow color, but to be perfectly honest, the LFA looks tough in yellow. Perhaps it was the gunmetal wheels or the 15" inch carbon ceramic brakes, but I was smiles from ear to ear.

More to come.


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