Tuesday, March 1

Lexus LS430 shot by PhotoShootMyCar

Seems like today, everyone can buy an entry level SLR camera and call themselves a "Photographer".. but in reality, a small percentage actually have any knowledge about their equipment. Then within that small percentage, only 1/5 of those select few actually understand lighting. Personally, I'm a total point-and-shoot person, but I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by talented photographers, Jeff, Ken, Tony, to show me their skills. You guys capture what the eye cannot see.

Which leads me to this fine photograph by none other than Jeff @ PhotoshootMyCar.com. During our Lexus LFA Experience at Infineon Raceway, we found an empty pits garage where Lexus only occupied 3 bays with storing the 0-60 GS450h race car, Five AD built GS350 demo car and extra wheels and brakes for the LFA cars. It was in the later afternoon when we decided to pull the LS into the garage and start the photoshoot. Grassroots.. no flash, no tricks, just capture the car in its' environment.

Jeff and his assistant Arlin did an incredible job. This is just a teaser to what's to come. Look for a full feature on DriveCulture.com very soon.


DaveT said...

Tons of respect for those who take the time to really nail the art of photography.

Can't wait to see the feature.

One of these days I will learn to use my slr better...

Matt said...

Wheels fits perfect!