Monday, January 31

TAS 2011 Rotrex Supercharged LS460

Toyko Auto Salon is full of 1-off builds. This year there was 3 Lexus LS460's all supercharged with a Rotrex unit. This particular LS460 was the most modified out of the 3 complete with Project Mu BBK, Skipper hydraulic suspension, INGS/ Wald aero kit combo and super sexy & expensive BBS LM-R in 21" inches. Notice the custom white marble interior trim.

Power figures are 480ps @ 6,400RPM, 500N/m at 4,100RPM – C38 Rotrex supercharger, Suruga Speed exhaust, and high-flow catalytic converter. RAD!

***BBS LMR in 21" inches retails for $11k US***



DaveT said...

Man wheels worth more than what I purchased my car for!

Cool to see the juice setup, is that common in VIP? I'm used to seeing bags.

sLee said...

It's actually rare to see Hydros these days due to the possible oil mess if something goes wrong. But sure is good to see something different.

VIP cars in Japan are still 95% coilovers. Granted their roads are much better than here in the US, Japan is truly OG.

DaveT said...

Good call on the possible mess if anything goes wrong. Had not thought about that aspect.

Would love to see more builds like this in person some day

morris used cars said...

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