Monday, January 31

JOB Design - Slammed w/ Customer Projects

There's little time to rest here at the JOB Design retail & custom store. The New Years is upon us and projects are lined up out the door. From full aero kits to custom fog lights, the JOB Design staff are talented and trained to satisfy your hunger for custom work. Complete turn-key demo cars to an air freshener, the good peeps at JOB Design is here to help.

Celsior 31 getting the complete Hybrid aero package w/ custom rear bumper functional side vents.

Same Celsior 31 getting LS460 fogs custom molded into Hybrid bumper, plus Porsche LED lens rear bracket being created.

Lexus LS460 full Hybrid Aero kit test fitted and ready to go for paint.

Customer Soarer (Lexus SC430) already on UAS air suspension and forged JOB wheels (made by WORK) shot in matte black and pin-stripped. What's next?.. maybe aero kit..

Lexus LS460 front Hybrid bumper getting custom fin inserts.

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