Monday, January 31

JOB Design Aristo - StanceNation

A friend brought this to my attention over the weekend.. a super fresh JOB Design Aristo16 on Stance:Nation

"Looks so good, it hurts." I must agree. This Aristo with the bright red leather interior and red dipped wood trim against the dark gunmetal exterior is heavenly. Full JOB Design Hybrid aero kit on the outside including the lip wing on a trunk lid with shaved inner taillights and the famous IS-F style quad style exhaust tips. 

What makes this car even better is the stance and choice of wheels. Not 20s or 19s.. 18" inchers with a steplip. Meaning the face is actually a 17" diameter. How do you tuck 18" inchers front and back?!? This Aristo is literally less than an inch off the ground and thanks to air suspension the clean aero kit can be saved from street curbs and pot holes.


1 comment: said...

VIP cars are always cool, only I will change there is the leather colour...xD