Tuesday, January 18

2011 Tokyo Auto Salon coverage

Here are some other highlights from Tokyo Auto Salon 2011:
D.A.D. infamous Mercedes SL500 covered with hand-laid crystal.

Also their new 1-piece Luxury Alloy Wheels. Interesting Display.

Mode Parfume continues to display elegant and sport with their new line of aero kits.. blacked out grills and wheels continues from last year's SEMA show.

AIMGAIN's incredible Lexus GS450h with very low stance and blackened wheels.

This Celsior had incredible camber.. insane.

Artisan Spirits Lexus IS-F.. who will be the first US Artisan IS-F..?

Kranze LS460 DEMO car with custom widened metal flares.. yummy.

JOB Design Hybrid Aero kitted Celsior with custom LED lights.

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Anonymous said...

japanese people is becoming weird. Many cars in TAS this year are useless