Wednesday, April 13

VIP Style Civics built in Thailand

Thailand and VIP inspired builds have been the talk for awhile now. These guys are creating a new trend without even knowing it. With the US Honda market still focused on engine swaps and wire tucks, although great in many ways. But these Thailand project Honda Civics are just hella original. Execution is incredible with custom VIP being the these. Ultra low slammed stance with deep dish wheels in negative offset is the choice for these FWD chassis.

Looking closely, you will notice the VIP style that has started this new generation of builders. Popular Japan VIP brands have somehow been carried over onto the Honda platforms. If you know the VIP scene, Japan doesn't offer much VIP parts for the Honda market (minus the K-car and Vans). To achieve such a fleet, these kits were completed cut and re-fiber glassed to fit the economy cars perfectly. The originality and talent is pouring out of these fine examples of what is total original and in an rather ordinary scene.

Kudos to Thailand for their artistic eye and creativity.

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