Tuesday, April 19

Original Hot Rod

Hot Rods, they are an American icon in History. Hundreds of thousands of Hot Rods exist today, some in their original show room condition while others have been completely restored and customized to incredible fleet of automotive art.

Over the years, I got to see thousands of Hot Rods from all around the country. over time, a red '32 high -boy does become ordinary but,  there is nothing wrong with that. For those builders that push the creative boundaries in this industry, I am able to filter thousands of photos to fine those extraordinary leaders in the game. This screen shot shows quite a bit of different styles in the Hot Rod world, all executed flawlessly in it's own fashion. It's funny when I look into the Honda or the Silvia scene, owners believe that all the possible combos have been attempted leaving them with harder canvases paint. Can you imagine what a Hot Rodder is faced with when building a '32..?

Back to my point. There are plenty of crazy builds and themes out there, but a small percentage actually hit a cord and become something spectacular. I'll leave you with this: It's not about the length of your spec-sheet, but how each modification jives with one another to bring that vision/concept to life.

Less is more.

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