Friday, April 8

Thailand VIP Honda Accord

If you lived in a country that offered nothing for the VIP enthusiast, what cars would you build then?.. In this case, a rather different fwd platform was chosen by the creative folks at Royal Garage in Thailand for the transformation. What are you seeing here is late model Honda Accord that has been converted from daily grocery grabber to VIP angry attitude.

Look closely, this Accord is rocking a JDM genuine Blow Design Mode Parfume aero kit molded ever so perfectly onto the original Honda bumpers and skirts. The wheels are by WORK Japan and I can only guess it is on series suspension arms for the extreme demon camber out back. Even the exhaust tips and decals are legit no knock-off BS here.

So, if a true VIP platform is not offered in your country, don't panic or give up your dreams on driving a VIP style car... follow what the folks at Thailand are doing. Take a car that is affordable and available and make it a VIP inspired car. You don't have to build catalog cars.. be creative and make your own VIP car. Who knows, maybe along the way you will re-invent the wheel like the incredible example you see below.

Thailand VIP.. the next hot spot for VIP tuning.

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Anonymous said...

Who ever wrote this article, blows so much smoke out of his ass...

This is a replica Mode Parfume kit, they are for sale in Thailand, The only original thing on the car is the wheels, all other parts are replica...
The owner has a build thread on

I love this car, but I hate when people talk rubbish about what mods certain cars have..