Wednesday, December 15

Same Lexus Conclusion

The Lexus scene in the US is still in its' early stages. Most owners choose modifications with the intent of reversing back to stock when that 3 year lease is due. When that is the case, you usually end up with a flood of copy-cats on the forums with the same spec sheet of parts.

It is unfortunate, since I come from the Honda and VW culture where creativity is the only way to be different. From wire-tucked motor bays to bold colors, that particular scene has endless results. But in the Lexus world, to be bold and daring with new ideas are often times flamed and hated upon on forums, etc. Therefore Lexus owners usually plays safe.

Which bring me to this post. Everything about this Lexus IS350 is unlike the norm. The baby blue on flat black trim is the opposite spectrum of the OEM luxury and chrome. Add a WALD lip kit and a set of 18" inch CCW 3-piece wheels shot in black and you have something very different. 

What many builders do not consider is the lower stance when using a smaller wheel. Sure, a set of 20s would have looked huge on this platform, but doing so would have raised the overall height of the car as-well. A smaller wheel with a nice meat-stretch was the perfect combo to take this car to the next level.

Lexus owners, think outside the box. Stop reading the same tuner magazines and start researching elsewhere. There's an entire world of possibilities and ideas yet to be attempted on a Lexus platform. From '30s hot rods to today's modern machines, your Lexus is just an empty canvas, ready for your next move.


Jeff said...

A pretty bold color choice....but when a right package is completely done correctly, beauty baby ! ! forgot about that black gloss step lip :):) (at first I thought it was tire shine overload, but i was wrong)

sLee said...

Those are indeed steplip 18" inch CCW wheels. You are correct !!