Wednesday, December 8

Goodguys Autocross

The idea of car shows started long ago in garages all across the world. Getting together at a buddy's garage to share ideas or helping out install his latest modification is the grassroots scene. Slowly it has grown to what we know as car shows of today. With major collab with sponsors and vendors to high dollar builds meant specifically to win a certain award, etc.

Goodguys have catered to the all American automotive enthusiast for over 20 yrs. The events have stretched across the nation with 24 shows a season. A very small corporate crew travels like a moving circus to accommodate the thousands of people at a given weekend when Goodguys are in town.

Car shows, over the years, have become static and stale mainly due to the countless hours sitting and waiting for the Sunday roll-out. Sure, there are plenty of topics to repeat and beat to death with the club members but once that gets old, monthly events sure loses its' edge.

Goodguys pride themselves on being devoted to the enthusiasts and the passionate car junky at heart. So several years ago, they quietly launched the Goodguys Street Challenge Autocross with Airride Technologies as one of the main supporting sponsor. An autocross track was designed and laid out for our own show car attendees to entertain themselves during the long hours of a event weekend. Little did we anticipate the positive outcome from our members.

Today, after 3 successful season the Goodguys Autocross has grown tremendously. 15 events of the 2011 season will have the Autocross Challenge. Builders building Autocross-spec cars just for the purpose have jolted the internet forums. Added sponsors continue to show participation thanks to the positive reaction from members and show goers.

So come to a Goodguys event, walk around and check out the chrome. Eat a corn dog and try a funnel cake. Walk the largest swap meet imaginable and score some coupon certificates from the huge vendor section. Pick-up a Goodguys tee and hoodie. When you think it's getting slow, turn to the Goodguys Autocross to see some dynamic cars take on the course. Three different classes, free to enter, prizes for class winners, and just good old American fun.

Goodguys Autocross

Photos: PhotoShootMyCar

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