Monday, December 6

Lowballers + Toys for Tots Norcal

Organized once again by Junior of ATS Garage, this years TOY for Tots were moved to an even bigger location. With the rain on and off the entire day, ppl came with holiday hearts and gave to the Union City Fire Department. Norcal crews came and rolled hard even when the rain came down and blew out a few tents. Give back to the community.
Lowballers Reppin' !!!

The matte Celsior.

ATS Garage's clean-ass EK. Honestly one of my top 5 builds of 2010.

Diamond Racing deepness.

This guy was blasting traditional Mexican music. Great stance and fitment.

This Scoby had to be the lowest in the Bay. Fresh offsets.

Built by Motorsport Techniques, this G35 has been killin' it with serious JDM parts.

Anthony from Canibeat joy-rides in his sanced Matrix.. next up vinyl.

I'll end with an old friend. John from VSC came out of the caves after a 4 year disappearing act. Today you can find him at local events all over the west coast. Good to see OG's coming back out.

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