Wednesday, August 18

BC Racing SEMA Support

BC Racing North America stepped up to support the SEMA builds with their BR Coilovers. BC is the manufacturer in Taiwan that builds many of today's well known JDM name coilovers. Their craftsmanship is track proven worldwide and second to none. Just holding the coilover you can feel a weight difference compared to my old Standard coilovers.

BC even offers an "Extreme Drop" option for those that want wheel tucking madness. The development team in Taiwan were able to create that with the LS430 set, so let's see how low it can truly go.

Matched with Exotic Air Cup Suspension, this should be the ultimate setup.

BC Racing FTW!!!!

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DaveT said...

+1 on BC FTW. I worked with Mike at BC to develop the 'extreme drop' option for early generation Mazda3s and couldn't be happier with the ride height and performance.

Great bang for the buck and really great customer service.