Wednesday, September 22

Visit from the East: JOBLOOD

JO Blood is the mastermind behind JOB Design Japan. If you follow the aftermarket Import scene, JO's name should not comes as a surprise to you. JOB Design is a very successful VIP tuning shop that has graced many booth spots at TAS, Auto Messe to feature cars in VIP Style and VIPCAR magazine.

JOB Design has a tuning shop, a used car lot, and a manufacturing warehouse where all the fiberglass is hand laid by trained professionals. The tuning shop work closely with clients that are looking for the simplest of modifications to complete car programs. The used car lot is pretty unique where they offer complete turnkey JOB Design demo cars to bone-stock VIP whips, ready for your customization.

Tonight was a meet and greet with JO and the Norcal Club Lexus members at the ever popular Kaenyama restaurant in Fremont.

Big things to come with JOB Design and SOLO!

The food was incredible. Johnson sure pulled it off!

 JosephDOC going to town on the lobster tenticles, while RMMGlen watch with frustration.

JO autographs a copy of his latest feature of his Hybrid Series FUGA/M45 in VIP Style Magazine.

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