Saturday, August 14

Form X Function

Coming from a background of cars from Imports to Domestics, one thing still bugs the sh*t outta me.

Air bags are cool. They allow users to accomplish frame drops and wheel tucking madness. But, what does the stance look like when the car is rolling?.. Yeah, that's right!..  m*uthda-f***ing DONK, Bubble, 4x4 truck, a old school gasser. It's one thing to have clearance and not destroy your precious JDM fiberglass.. but raising it pass factory stock OEM height is plan-Jane GAY!

Again, I'm not knocking on air bags.. hell, I had them on my last car. But just remember this.. do you get more looks in a parking lot sandwich between cars.. or when your rolling all over town next to other cars, passing intersections, etc. If you have any common sense, you would know the right answer.

If you got air bags, cool. Nothing wrong with that. Just raise it high enough so you don't scrape. Don't reach for the nose-bleed section.. save that for the sport-fans.

***If you miss the sensation of taking turns at high speeds, then perhaps it's time to come back to coilovers. And if you have that rare JDM kit that just cannot be scraped, then get some Exotic Air cups.

STATIC drop is everything.


Anonymous said...

I agree 110%! Im a minitrucker and I hate seeing people rolling at full lift, it looks way cooler rolling an inch of the ground.

Anonymous said...

I totally took your advice (makena88) I'm going "Static Drop"

This air stuff is not good for a Daily Driver