Friday, May 21

Cor Forged 22" inch Step Lip

Cor Forged is now offereing 22" inches of rolled step-lips. For all you LS460s, 7-series, and S-classes.. this is your wheel.
Although, is doesn't have the classic euro outer lip, it is still a step on a 22" pie.

Cor Forged, check 'em out!


Anonymous said...

NO NO NO lol NOT TRuE BY FRIENDS: DONT BE FOOL BY THOSE FLORIDA COMPANY's... IT WEST COAST DOESN'T HAVE IT.. THEN FOR SURE EAST COAST DoESNT HAVE IT!!! they are 21" step lip, if it was a TRUE 22" step lip.. it should measure 23.. -Dvip

sLee said...

Thanks for the info Dvip!