Thursday, May 20

Celsior UCF30 custom trunk & rear

Before ever purchasing my current Project Celsior30, I gathered many ideas from VIP tuners like JP and JOB Design. So one day, I decided to do a chop of the rear to add some uniqueness. Many of the VIP builds in Japan are over the top and very custom, ranging from EXE to headlight/taillight conversions.

I had the idea to relocate the license area to the lower bumper, similar to the Acura RL's and shave off the trunk lid completely smooth. Surely that would look unfinished with such a large surface exposed. Then why not take the "Celsior" emblem, separate each letter and space it out evenly where it fills the shaved area nicely. A slight smoked taillight would add the finishing touch.

It wasn't until after the chop, that I realize this has never been attempted in Japan nor the US. The taillights start to look like a older generation Mercedes 500SEL or a Toyota Avalon. Personally, I believe this would be totally unique and a step closer to standing out from the rest of the crowd.

Maybe I will give this a try. Wait and see.

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