Thursday, December 24

Twin Turbo 3UZFE by TTC Motorsport

With the recent trend for V8 swap in Supras, TTC Performance in Florida has stepped up with their bolt on TT kits for the 3UZ motors. We all know the 3UZ motor is proven in the Lexus flagship LS platform, but primary in the Super GT series in Japan. Yes, the Supras in the Super GT series run V8 motors.

The excitement will be for LS owners wanted for a performance route other than the RMM supercharger. Looking at the quality and detail of the TTC twin turbo kit will tell you these guys sure know a thing or two about building high-horsepower motors.

I for one will be very interest in a similar setup possibly for my daily beater-boat.

Check out the custom intake manifold and exhaust manifold. Motor sculpturing at its' best.

TTC Motorsport

* While digging into the TTC website I notice a familiar car used for the IS300 category.

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Chris said...

great looking engine, but I dislike the turbos right behind the radiator. Reminds me of the SRT twin turbo layout.