Thursday, December 24

JOB Design Hybrid • NEO LS430

JOB Design just released their latest creation of the UCF30/31 platform. JO calls this the Hybrid • NEO generation kit. It features the updated Euro inspired designs throughout the kit. With round sportier fog lights the Celsior sure looks more aggressive than what this car intended to be rolling out of the Toyota plant.

Side skirts hang low to accent the big-bodied stance. I was concerned about the rear bumper since JO has gone pretty extreme with other Hybrid kits, but this particular rear bumper design was a complete homerun. It is clean and subtle with AMG looking tail pipes. The slight use of gunmetal throughout to accent certain areas are spot on. Not too much but yet enough to grab some attention. Notice the rear bumper opening even mirrors the trunk bar shape and size.

JO is a fantastic designer. Since meeting him 3 yrs ago, I have seen JO continue to push this talent and contribute to the automotive scene. He is truly a pioneer in the VIP sport and I look forward to more of his designs to come in the future.

Thanks JO for giving the gen3 Celsior/LS more hope.

JOB Design

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