Wednesday, December 23

Godzilla-Stang by Pure Vision Design

Unique and creative builds are rare to find these days. Most projects are corporate backed with endless dollar amounts. The problem is those cars lack direction and are a dime-a-dozen. Enter Pure Vison Design.

Their latest rendering illustrates a '67 Mustang with quite the rare look of a Datsun track prepped car. First you will realize the fender flares not molded into the body complimented by steplip track looking wheels. Stance is incredible with the correct offset. The lower front lip screams SCCA with the x-pattern on the headlights. Other elements that caught my attention were the fender mounted side-mirrors. Their inspiration came from the early days Nissan GT-R. Yes, these diehard domestic hot rod builders went to study the original Japanese cars for this latest concept. Crazy!

If the finished car can look anywhere close to the rendering, these guys would have entered new territories and raised the level of creativity and concept.

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