Monday, May 7

Exotic Air - A closer look

Exotic Air really spent their time putting out a great product. Check out their packaging.. Unlike others in the market that only care to turn a quick buck with a rather unfinished product, EA have outdone the competition with quality, functionality, lifestyle & culture, and buying experience as their company mission.

Whether you prefer track, grip, drift or just enjoy a proper set of coilovers, EA lifter systems can be adapted to allow up to 3" inches of suspension travel with a push of a button to clear those steep driveways or speed bumps.

You're probably thinking air bags have been in the suspension industry for some time now and could allow more than 3" inches of travel. But air bags are not spring rate and will never function anywhere like a coil spring. Which means air bag equipped cars does not drive properly on any road conditions.

Exotic Air was developed to assist coilover equipped vehicles where owners enjoy a lower ride height for better handling purposes and yet have the ability to raise the vehicle up to 3" inches for clearance when needed.

What lies inside of this custom made wood box is a pair of carefully packaged EA lifters.

Sonic MS in Mountain View, CA is their main distributor. Look for a launch special to come very soon!