Tuesday, March 13

East Bay Muscle Cars - '71 Camaro

There's only a handful of builders in the Norcal area that has the knowledge and experience to call themselves a custom shop. There's Brizio's, Moal, and a few others. But there's a new shop getting lots of hype in the Muscle Car world, East Bay Muscle Cars (EBMC) here in Brentwood.

Steve Keefer is not a newbie to cars. He worked as a tech for BMW for 10 yrs before taking that big step and starting his own shop to build beautiful and custom cars for his customers. What started out as his first '70 Mustang would land him numberous Goodguys awards, magazine feature articles, and invitation's to major track events. That car paved the way to what is EBMC today.

Many of Steve's customers come from near and far. 90% of them can tell you their horror stories of which shops to stay away from. EMBC is known to be the final stop for all these cars to finally get their cars completed and finished correctly.

EMBC keeps up with all things related to cars from Hotrods to Hybrids. Steve is a modern visionary that combines technology and trends into old school platforms. The end result is nothing shy of hip and classic mixed into one cool ride. The '71 Camaro you see here is a great example. The customer wanted to keep the 20 yr old paint but just needed the car to handle better. Wilwood BBK was installed with a 6/4 piston setup on 2-piece floating disc. Rushforth wheels wrapped in BF Goodrich add the grip on all 4 corners. The suspension was updated to handle the lower stance with QA1 coilovers and a complete free-flow exhaust give the old muscle car that desired sound.

What else can Steve and EBMC handle..? Well, you just wait. There's 2 pro touring projects being built currently. A twin turbo '67 Camaro in the works and a '69 Camaro with an impeccable amount of custom work will debut very soon. Look for a full feature this summer as the '69 will travel to Columbus and compete for the Goodguys Muscle Car of the Year award.

Stay Tuned.

East Bay Muscle Cars

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